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Now you can produce electricity at home using photovoltaic panels, with guaranteed sales to EDP. The system is subsidized by the State Program (Renewables). You can know details beyond those already on our site, or referring to reading PDF Decree-Law 363/07 . We facilitate the installation of this system to our customers but also to those who are not, certainly by one of the most prestigious firms certified for this purpose, the


You can know every detail of that we propose in this pre-proposal.pdf . The service is available throughout the country.

This system, in addition to the ecological benefits that provides, makes it possible to get a good monthly income from the investment, but better than that, does not require spending any money - you can easily use the credit for this purpose (we can also support you in this aspect ) What will get from EDP is above the the monthly payment on the loan and when it is already paid will be all profit.
EDP buys the power produced at a price five times higher than the price it sells - of course this is no miracle and it is not philanthropy from EDP, is possible only because a system is subsidized by the state. More at the end of the year will still deduct 796 EUR in the amount of your IRS.

The system is ideal for micro villas but also very suitable for apartments (subject to the authorization of the condominium) and condos - a way to pay for the building without the efforts of the joint owners (Here's a video testimony last long in SIC ).

And not lose anything in complete and submit the request for technical visit - after that, will be contacted to schedule the visit to review the installation location and to clarify any doubts. Until then, you do not commit to anything - only later will decide whether to go or not (if you do not see interest in the installation will never pay anything). For now, simply complete the request for technical visit, record it on your computer and send it to us by email . You can also print it and send it by fax, by mail or scanned.

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