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Since 1997, much of our turnover derived from the sales we make to investors - representing approximately 50% of sales.

And the products they introduce and for its high profitability, the number of our faithful customers investors will tend to increase.

We present two ways to make these investments:

* Traditional:

It is the form that we practice for more years and works as follows:

The investor buys a property (usually land) below its market value - the discount is greater the larger the total investment. The rebate is calculated by applying this pdf table. Sometimes these discounts can be higher than indicated.
The list of properties that every time we allow this type of sale is sent by us to interested investors on request.
Values dependent on investment properties available but typically start at about € 15 000.
The property purchased may be on sale immediately, with the profit of the investor corresponding to the discount, or choose to put on sale some time later, after recovery.
We undertake to mediate the new sales by 3% commission + VAT.
We are available to make the management of the property acquired, until the day of its sale to the final customer.

            1) For a total investment of EUR 25 000 the discount is 2 500 , but
            2) for a total investment of EUR 100 000 the discount is € 17 500.

* With One Income Guaranteed:

It is a form that we practice a few years ago but only 2 or 3 clients because investors typically chose to purchase the property, enjoying good discounts, and risk, which has always been and remains very low with our products. However, in recent times, due to a normal feeling of need for security on the part of many, contrary to what was usual, this has become the preferred way of investing for our clients.

The operation of this system is very simple and obviously one hundred percent legal and safe:
The client buys a property (usually land);
The property is still for sale;
When sold, the investor will receive the capital invested plus of their income;
If the property is sold in less than 90 days, the yield will correspond to that period;
If after 18 months the property has not been sold, the investor may at any time choose to undo the deal and brought back the amount invested plus the corresponding income;
Completed an investment, either because the property was sold, either because they were past 18 months, the customer may (or not) to make new investments;
• In any case always the yield is 8% per annum (calculated on capital invested).
Possible values are dependent on investment properties available, but usually from about 10 000 .

It may seem strange to propose an investment of this nature at a time as we live. However, our experience of 20 years tells us that we do not run any risk of damage  providing guaranteed income, because we know the reliability and profitability of our products.


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